Davey Lubin is a USCG licensed 100 ton master with over 30 years of experience on the waters beaches and wildlands of Southeast Alaska. He holds a BS in forest sciences and is a certified Alaska biology teacher. He fished commercially for ten years, worked as a fisheries biologist and a US Forest Service botanist. He has been teaching Alaska natural history since 1986. Davey has served on the Alaska state trails board, the SEAtrails (Southeast Alaska Trail System) board and Sitka Whalefest board

He loves to subsistence hunt, fish, gather and garden. He has SCUBA dived extensively in Southeast Alaska and kayaked thousands of miles along the north Pacific coast. Natural history and boating are not only his professions, they are his passions. Davey lives happily in beautiful Sitka with his wife, two daughters and ocean-going poodle.

Davey Lubin, captain and owner of the Esther G II

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